What All Wedding Photographers Should Have on Their Websites

If you are a wedding photographer, you should have a website to showcase your work. Your website needs to be professionally done so that, when you get visitors, they are persuaded that hiring you is a good idea.

You should ensure that your website includes the following:

Your Portfolio

Think of your website as your CV. It is the first place people come to when they want to see samples of your work.

Therefore, make sure that you have included your best shots in your portfolio. When choosing a website design, opt for one that allows you to upload your photos without compromising quality.

Also be sure to check out some of the outstanding wedding photos that other photographers have taken, and try to do something similar to catch people’s attention.

Don’t forget to put watermarks on all your photos so that no one can steal your work.

Contact Details

After people visit your website and are pleased with what they see, they will want to get in touch with you so they can engage your services.

For this reason, be sure to include all your contact details, including telephone number, email address, and links to your social-media accounts. This will make it that much easier for people to get in touch with you.

It also helps to include a rate card so they can know how much you charge for your services.


If you want to convince would-be clients that you are a good photographer, you should include testimonials from those who have used you before.

But they must be genuine. Resist the temptation to fake testimonials and reviews, because if anyone finds out they are not real, you and your website will be discredited and nobody will want to hire you.

All testimonials therefore must be legit and from real people who can be contacted.