How to Coordinate with Your Photographer before the Wedding

When you are hiring a photographer (or photographers), it is important for both of you to be on the same page when it comes to your expectations, and what the photographer can deliver. Many conflicts have arisen in the past due to a lack of communication.

If possible, have a face-to-face meeting with your prospective photographer, or a video call, instead of back-and-forth emails and texts.

What to Discuss

  • The itinerary: Give the photographers an idea beforehand as to how the event will be conducted so that they can plan accordingly. They should know all the important details, such as where and when the wedding preparations will start so they can get shots of the bride and groom dressing up for their big day. They should also know when and where the wedding will end so they bring the right equipment.
  • Dress: If you have a casual event, you do not want the wedding photographer showing up in formal dress and sticking out like a sore thumb. A good wedding photographer is one who blends into the crowd to capture raw moments.
  • Face-sheet: Wedding photographers are always looking for tips they can use to become better photographers. You can make things easier by providing them with a ‘face-sheet’ to identify important guests. This will help them ensure that nobody is missed, and that all the most important moments are captured.
  • Must-have shots: If there are certain photos that you think shouldn’t be missed, let the photographers know in advance. Things like group photos take longer to plan, so you should tell the photographers if and when you need them so they can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Family dynamics: Don’t be afraid to tell the photographers which family members don’t get along. This will allow them to plan photos tactfully without making anyone uncomfortable.