What to Expect from Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer does more than just immortalise your big day. His or her role is also to capture the emotions you felt at the wedding, so when you look through the photos years later, you are able to remember exactly how you felt.

Bearing this in mind, some of the things you should expect from a wedding photographer include:

A Good Contract

Even though some photography mistakes have ended up being works of genius, others have flopped big-time, and ruined an otherwise beautiful moment.

You certainly don’t want to risk this happening. To protect both the person doing the hiring and the photographer, therefore, a good contract should be drawn up and signed.

This should spell out what will happen in the event that the photographer fails to show up, the kind of photos that are expected, along with other important details.


For the photographer to get good shots of the wedding, expect them to give you a lot of instructions.

They will sometimes guide you on what to do, where to stand, and how to pose, along with other things aimed at producing the best possible photos.

Don’t feel put out by this. It’s what wedding photographers are supposed to do and is part of why you are paying them.


Expect your wedding photographer to ask you lots of questions. For this reason, it is advisable to meet with your photographer before the wedding so you can answer all of his or her questions.

They will ask you about locations, how many photos you want, who you want photos of, details of the wedding itinerary, and a number of other things that will make their job easier.

Provide all this information promptly and accurately so you aren’t disappointed with the final product when it is all over.